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Lash Muse is a London based beauty studio founded by Andrea Cooper, an international beauty expert of over 15 years experience in beauty and make up. Inspired by the cities she has travelled to; Andrea created the brand with these in mind.  Lash Muse offers premium quality bespoke lash and brow treatments from lash extensions, lifts and tints to brow lamination.


Lash Muse fully appreciates the importance of healthy lashes, so we make sure that we only offer the highest quality products in combination with the kind of techniques that facilitate longevity and natural looks. We want women to feel as healthy and beautiful as possible, so we invest in passionate and highly skilled artists who hand craft every individual lash look to every client.


Lash Muse artists are always up to date and well versed in all lash and brow trends, and continuously develop new lash and brow styles that enhance each client’s unique features in the most natural way possible.


Eyebrow colouring. Woman tinting brow
Eyelash Extension Procedure. Fulham


Our mission is to create lasting effortless beauty that gives clients confidence, taking their personal style to the next level. We have done everything in our power to make Lash Muse salon a perfect safe and relaxing beauty haven in the city. It is our goal to help clients recharge before taking the world by storm, safe in the knowledge that they will wake each morning with the kind of knock-out lashes and brows that make women feel confident and beautiful every day.

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