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Lash Extensions in Fulham, London


Eyelash extensions are a popular cosmetic enhancement for your natural eyelashes. Our premium quality synthetic fibres can transform your lashes so that they are longer, curlier, fuller, or thicker… whatever your desired look, it can be achieved through our semi-permanent lash extensions.


Our highly skilled, fully trained artists carefully adhere the lashes to your natural lashes one at a time with a gentle lash adhesive. Lash Muse eyelash extensions won’t harm your eyes or damage your natural lashes, and as they are so feather-light, you won’t be able to feel them.


Aside from the stunning looks they create, one of the best things about lash extensions is the time saving factor. You won’t need to bother with mascara, yet you’ll look picture perfect at all times.


Andrea, the founder of Lash Muse, named these lash looks after the places she encountered on her travels and was inspired by the women in the cities. Explore the looks below:

Eyelash extensions Fulham, London

New York Lash

Classic Lashes

Most natural looking lash extensions the classic lashes. Mixed length lashes creating a mascara look. One lash extension is glued to one natural lash, also known as 1 to 1. Great for clients looking for length or natural look. 

London Lash

Hybrid Lashes

Going a little bolder and very popular with the London clients, London Lash gives a wispy lash line with maximum texture. A mix of classic lashes and russian volume fans, this lash look takes you from day to night so you'll be ready for any occasion. 

Long Lashes - Lash Muse London
Eyelash extensions - London salon

Sydney Lash

Natural Russian Volume

Natural and soft russian volume lashes for clients with sparse natural lashes, or clients looking for a subtle fluffy but full lash line. A small 'fan' of super lightweight lashes are hand created and applied to each natural lash, this is called a Russian volume fan. Sydney Lash is a natural volume set using 2-4 lashes in each fan. No damage to the natural lashes as each base is as thick as one classic lash.

Perfect for clients who want a fuller look than classics. 

L A Lash

Dramatic Russian Volume

It's glam time! L A Lash is the ultimate dramatic lash look we do. Just like the Sydney Lash where the Russian Volume technique is used, but this time 4-8 super fine lashes are used  to create a fuller fan for each natural lash. Different curls and lengths are chosen again prior to the treatment, if you want drama then opt for the D curl and you won't be missed!

Russian Lashes, Fulham London
Eyelash Implants, Fulham London
Lash Infills

L ash Infills

Natural eyelashes grow so maintenance appointments are needed after a few weeks. A cleanse, tidy and infill of lashes is included in all our lash infills which are recommended every 3-4 weeks. If longer than 4 weeks a new full set will need to be booked in.

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