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Permanent Brow Makeup

Microblading is the art of creating an entirely new eyebrow look using semi-permanent tattoo ink. Your new brows are created using a little handheld tool constructed from tiny needles, and this distributes the organic pigment into your skin.


This technique can enhance your natural brows or create entirely new ones if required. It improves the overall appearance by altering the shape and colour of your eyebrows. Specifically, microblading changes the thickness and arch of your brows by mimicking the appearance of natural eyebrow hairs. The outcome is a new set of healthy looking brows that will frame your face and enhance your natural beauty.  


Microblading is not the same as the traditional machine tattooing technique, which results in a flat colour. With microblading the artist uses a very fine blade to create incisions in the skin, applying the ink in individual hairstrokes.


Lash Muse technicians are adept at creating the perfect set of eyebrows for your face. First we will discuss your requirements during a consultation, then we can get you booked in for your microblading appointment.


Changing the shape of the brows. Stylist


During the microblading consultation we talk with you in detail about the kind of eyebrows you envisage. We will discuss the current shape of your eyebrows, find out what it is you want to change and talk you through the process. It’s always a good idea to show us images of the kind of brows you like so that we can get a visual idea of your perfect look.


While you’re here we will do a little patch test to make sure your skin is happy with the ink, and we’ll answer any questions you might have about the procedure.

£20 / 30 mins


The microblading procedure consists of tiny needles that deposit the chosen pigment into the dermal layer of your skin to create the illusion of natural eyebrow hairs. 


There are two sessions in total, and the second one will need to happen between 6 and 8 weeks after the first. It is worth noting that after the first session, the pigment is likely to fade by up to 70%, so the colour will start to look a little different to how it was initially. 


That’s why we invite you back for the second session: to touch up the colour and any shape where needed. Your new eyebrows will then be complete and should last for up to 18 months.


We will always give you a full aftercare pack to take home so that you know exactly how to care for your new brows. You’ll need to follow the guidelines strictly for two weeks, which will ensure they last as long as possible.

£325 / 2.5 hours

One hand in a black glove holds a manipu
Make-up artist combing eyebrows with a b


There is another option for your microblading treatment: microblading with shading. The process is the same as above but with an additional element.


Our technicians use another disposable blade to add more pigment to the centre of your brows. This fills them in further, giving you a bolder ‘powder brow’ look. It’s the best option for those who prefer that made-up look at all times.


As is the case with the standard microblading procedure, you’ll need to come in for a second appointment after 6 to 8 weeks for your touch up. We’ll also send you home with the aftercare pack.


£375 / 3 hours





For clients who have had their first

Microblading session with Andrea at Lash Muse.


Annual touch up for clients after 12-18 months from first microblading procedure.

£200 / 1.5 hours

To book a Microblading appointment, please contact us on 07957 319356.

Clients who have had previous microblading or permanent brow tattoo by another technician, please email clear photos to Andrea via email before booking.

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